Convenience Plus Dry Cleaners
Putting Convenience Into Your Dry Cleaning
24/7 Service

Drop Box: Simply put your dirty clothing in your ConveniencePlus linen bag...then drop in our secure "through-the-window" drop-box. Your clothing will be collected and processed first thing the next day followed by an email letting you know what day and time everything will be ready to pick back up.  Please always include instructions in the linen bag for special requests otherwise we will process your clothing according to the notes that you provided when registering as a new customer.

After Hours Locker System: Can't stop by during normal business problem! Utilize our afterhours locker system. How does it work?  Great Question:

1. Let us know what day you want to pick up your   clothing after hours.

2. We will provide you with a locker number and locker number and lock code.

3. Come to our well-lit store, waive your key fob under the security sensor, and enter the four digit code that you picked when signing up as a new customer.

4. Enter the store, go to the locker number we coordinated, enter the lock code, take your clothing, and exit the store.

That's It!! This system allows you to do your dry cleaning at your convenience...not ours.

Picture of Lockers/Drop Box


245 Fries Mill Road, Unit #3, Blackwood, New Jersey, 08012, United States